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Check out our luxury strip lash range. We offer both cruelty free mink and faux mink strips.

10  x faux 5D mink strips -  Luna, Leah, Lauryn, Lydia, Lilah, Leya, Layla, Lexi, Lou and Lana

10 x 3D mink strips - Leigh, Lucy, Lara, Libby, Louisa, Liberty, Lyla, Liliana, Leana, and Laura.

Try out one of our striplash applicator tools to cut your application time in half! They can be used time and time again.

We also have our own 5ml latex free brush on adhesive and golden eyelash applicator.

We have 4 Dream machines AKA Eyelash vending machines based around the UK. They are a dreamy super Instagrammable blush pink and accept both contactless and coins! Our current machines are situated in Newcastle Eldon Square, Gateshead metro centre, Manchester Trafford centre and Milton Keynes. We plan to have our machines in every mall up and down the UK so keep an eye out in a mall near you.  Each machine stocks our strip lashes, brush on adhesive and applicators. 

All of our lashes are created using the best quality materials. Each lash is hand crafted, cruelty free, re-usable, soft, light and fluffy.

You can order using the Paypal buttons below, or from one of our blush dream machines in a mall near you.

We have a separate IG page full of different images and videos of our strips. Take a look for some inspo 


£10.99 free delivery

*( Lash adhesive not included)*

*Accepting UK orders only*

Leah Lash

Lydia Lash

Lana Lash

Layla Lash

Lou Lash

Leya Lash

Lexi Lash

Louisa Lash

 Luna Lash

Lyla Lash

Lara Lash

Lucy Lash

Lilah Lash

Libby Lash

Lauryn Lash

Leana Lash

Leigh Lash

Liberty Lash

Liliana Lash

Laura Lash

       Dream chest gift set

       The ultimate gift for lash addicts comes in a 

super cute lockable chest and includes;

     10 x strip lashes 

    1 x 5ml brush on adhesive

    1x golden lash applicator tool

     1 x lash trimming scissors

1 x silky sleep mask


*Free collection from the salon or £4.29 delivery*

Dreamy silky sleep mask

Our super soft sleep mask comes fitted with a stretch elastic band ensuring ultimate comfort  and effortless wear.


99p delivery*

Application dream team


5ml  brush on lash adhesive


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