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Lashloft Vending Machines

Alert! Alert! This is not camera magic. No your eyes do not deceive you. YES the images you see before you are R E A L. 

Welcome to the home of the original strip lash vending machines. AKA the Lashloft dream machines. 

A vending machine that sells eyelashes! Why, what, how you ask? 

Okay so, lets back it up a little  to why, what, how and when the dream machines started..

Back in 2017/18 The Lashloft salon became overly full with clients. We simply could not take on anymore. There were just 4 of us and only so many lashing hours in a day. The demand for good lashes was SO high that we wanted more. We wanted more people to be able to achieve their lash dreams at home. wherever they were from, whenever they wanted.. and so the lash sourcing & testing began! Fast forward 1 year later and we found our faves. the softest, the lightest, the fluffiest and most re-usable lashes! At first we sold these only from the salon and instagram.  But that wasn't enough.. we wanted MORE. More people to wear, experience and know The Lashloft brand. The crazy idea sprung to mind winter 2018.. The designs and contracts were in place and our first machine landed spring 2019. We saw a gap in the market, took a risk and made the leap and havnt looked back since.

We are the first company to launch such machines in the UK. They stock 20 different styles of re-usable strip lash, brush on strip lash adhesive and lash applicator tools. Our machines are currently based in Newcastle's Eldon square, Gateshead's Metro centre, Manchester's Trafford Centre and Milton keyenes Intu mall, with more rolling out as we type. Watch out for our dream machines in a city, country or mall near you soon! 

You like my lashes?

Skip the wait on delivery and long unecessary ques in stores and treat yourself in seconds with our always ready, always open dream machines. Conveniently based at the entrance and exits of malls.

Creator of the Dream machine

Meet Ashleigh. Owner of The Lashloft and creator of our dream machines. Ashleigh has a real passion for lashing and wanted others to near and far to be able to acheive the Lashloft look at home!

Gee thanks just bought em!

With the easy tap of a card, apple pay or cash, simply choose your style and go.